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"The 30s, what if History repeats itself?"


Pascal Blanchard
Expert on colonial history


8:00 pm - Onwards



© Hervé Thouroude

© Hervé Thouroude


Pascal Blanchard was born in 1964 in Paris and has published and participated in over 30 books, including Culture coloniale en France, La Colonisation française, L’Atlas des immigrations en France, Exhibitions – L’Invention du sauvage (Quai Branly Museum), La France noire, l’Invention de l’Orient (1860-1910) and recently Les Années 30 – Et si l’histoire recommençait ?

He is a researcher at the CNRS (department of Communication and Politics, IRISSO at Université Paris-Dauphine) and the co-director of the research group Achac which deals with colonialism, immigration and post-colonialism. He is the screenwriter and co-director of several films, including  Paris couleurs (2006) for France 3, TV5, LCP & France Ô and a three-film series entitled Noirs de France (2012) for France 5 & France Ô.

Pascal Blanchard also wrote several TV series including Frères d’armes and Champions de France both broadcasted for a year on France Télévisions, and the show Artistes de France, currently broadcasted on France Télévisions TV channels.
Pascal will introduce his last book: Les années 30 – Et si l’histoire recommençait? The 30's remain extraordinary in our collective memory, cadenced by  the financial crisis of 1929, populism & rise of extremism, international tensions and conflicts. Our current context interestingly echoes the 30s. After Donald Trump's elections in the US and the rise of populist parties in Europe, India and Japan, the internationalization of Syria and the clash of civilizations, this book full of images strikingly goes back and forth between yesterday and today. 

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