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LINDA BORTOLETTO - Explorer, Lecturer, Author

Presenting Project "Tour de France de l'audace"



Explorer, Lecturer, Author


7:00 pm Onwards



Linda Bortoletto began her career as an Officer for the French Air Force, in a search for action, extremes and movement. She wanted to become a fighter pilot but her dream was shattered, due to a medical problem. She then joined the French National Police Force where she commanded more than 150 policemen serving for 4 years. At 27 years of age, she was promoted to the rank of Captain. She was seconded as a high-ranking official to the Finance Ministry in Bercy, in order to set up State reforms.

Three years later, she decided to end this promising career in order to build daring projects in her image ‘’beyond every boundary’’ and to explore the world, others and herself. She left on a lone expedition to meet the Kamchatka nomad people, in the extreme east of Siberia. During several months, she followed the transhumance of reindeer. She then crossed Alaska alone on a bicycle, lived with Buddhist nuns in the heart of the Zanskar, crossed Kyrgyzstan running….

She now gives conferences which aim to motivate and inspire. Her objective is to promote the values she supports such as audacity, bravery and perseverance, respect for oneself and others. She thus demonstrates that it is possible to challenge the impossible and achieve harmony, by focusing on these values and on oneself.

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