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ATRIA and Valise  invite members to celebrate their first joint event

with special guest designers presenting works, including  Samuel Amoia,Sebastian Brajkovic, Jean-Guillaume Mathiaut and Jojo Corvaia

and tastings by Anastasia Finders & Jeanne Garaude

The Valise Society was founded in 2011 with a mission to bring together the most fascinating individuals leading innovation across a broad spectrum of creative professions An invitation only association, the Valise Society fosters a cross-disciplinary exchange offering opportunities for accomplished individuals to develop meaningful relationships and to be self-enriched. For more information visit


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Amoia has been named By VOGUE magazine as “one of 5 Young Interior Designers to watch” and has most recently received the “Rising Talent” award by Maison & Objet Americas. As the only living furniture designer represented by Delorenzo Gallery in NY, he and his brothers create pieces that are "timelessly elegant, yet strikingly cool and innovative”  

Samuel is re-contextualizing form and function with materials that are not in the traditional canon. Malachite, Amethyst, and Pyrite have never been thought of as materials for furniture, but with a unique casting process that also fuses more traditional materials such as cement or plaster. Honoring the precious energy qualities of these beatific minerals, all three AMOIA brothers wash, crush and handle the stones themselves. Giving a full family labor of love to create these incredible, bespoke and one of a kind pieces.

Clients include Dior, Soho House Berlin, Peter Marino, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Dover Street Market, and top collectors.



Based between Paris and Amsterdam, Sebastian Brajkovic investigates the notions of perspective and distortion of form through his sculptural furniture pieces. This interest in the rotation and skewing of an object originated from his childhood, when reel-to-reel tape decks and car wheels were such a source of overwhelming intrigue to the young Brajkovic that his parents wondered if he might be autistic (he was not).

As he matured his fascination manifested itself in painting and sculpture, eventually resulting in the creation of the Lathe series of tables and chairs, which have been identified as a modern classic of design and reside in the permanent collection of institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) and the Museum of Arts and Design (New York).



American born in Venezuela and now residing in Berlin, Jojo is a multidisciplinary creative whose body of work focuses on social statement through multimedia projects and gastronomy.

Most recently, his ceramics gravitate towards the concept of imperfection, asymmetry, and modesty. JoJo creates his pieces with an ancient method of production dating to the X Century B.C; allowing the opportunity to get intimate with the material.

He adopts the anomalies arising from the practice of hand made objects, which add uniqueness, beauty and a particular character. He intends to convey a perception that transcends appearance, and to rather enter into the territory of feelings.



Jean Guillaume Mathiaut is an architect and designer with a creative and singular artistic production, based between Paris and Biarritz. 

He began as an architect for the French practice Maison Edouard François; at 23 he was awarded with the Van Allen Institute prize, and he is the author of the Issey Miyake shop in Paris rue Royale. He worked as a consultant and creative director for the luxury industry and is now focused on the edition of unique design pieces at different scales :  from the conception of small contemporary architectural folies - including the « capsule de sommeil » for Louis Vuitton - to the realization of confidential huts for private clients and the creation of atypical design pieces and furnitures such as the « Meubles Ville » and the « Masque d’Architecture ».

He works with noble and environmentally friendly materials such as wood from protected forests, recycled cardboard and paper. Metal and stones, all with the complicity of artisans with which he has been working with for 10 years.



Anastasia Finders is a young chef and events planner who creates a rich mix of food and experience combining the senses and the spirit, with a generosity that comes from the South.

She spent the last two years taking care of the world of Petit Objets for India Mahdavi, before establishing ‘Finders House & Co’, A space combining food, art, and discrete events in Amsterdam.

Anastasia takes inspiration from her Greek/ Italian maternal and Surinamei / Dutch paternal grandmothers, and spends time with young designers and chefs across Europe to create a unique style of cooking, aesthetic elegance and hospitality. 

She has supported projects from Art Basel to the Venice Art and Architecture Biennale, where managed dinners of the Institute Française and the Palais de Tokyo. Notably, She managed and hosted the dinner for Rem Koolhaas.




Jeanne’s Franco-Brasilian heritage guided her reinterpretation of Chá maté. Pursuing an early curiosity for natural gems, Jeanne holds a degree from the Gemological Institute of America. She spent many years enamored by the cuts and shapes of natural precious stones.

As a gemologist and custom jewelry designer, she traveled worldwide looking eager to always discover new treasures. Unsurprisingly, she has now directed her attention and passion to another type of natural rarity: the delicate maté plant.

In search of the finest aesthetic union and most desirable taste, Chá Iracema was created. Not only is the maté of upmost quality, but the beautiful geometric glass bottles are made by the historic artisan that also manufactures Chanel’s famous perfume bottles.

Earlier Event: August 24
Later Event: September 14