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Philippe Coen

Founder of Respect Zone
Director of Public & Legal Affairs in the Media Sector


8:00 pm-Onwards



Philippe Coen is a Director of Public & Legal Affairs in the Media Sector and the founder of Respect Zone, an NGO initiated on France.  Respect Zone develops tools against violent communications and cyber violence. develops CSR and soft law tools.

Philippe is the Honorary President of ECLA (  ECLA is the umbrella association gathering 20 European company lawyers associations, amounting to 67,000 company lawyers altogether.  Among other initiatives, he prompted ECLANEWS, ECLACHANNEL, the ECLA Code of Ethics for Company Lawyers and the White Paper “Independent by design” and an online database on Legal Privilege across Europe. Philippe founded the ethical Comittee of the Company Lawyers profession in France and is a Board Member of In-House Counsel Worldwide.

Before practicing as a company lawyer, Philippe started his career in private practice in NYC with an International British law firm where he qualified.  He then lead the competitipon law practice of a French law firm. He obtained his double JD at the Paris Sorbonne and a post-grad degree (LL.M.) from the Harvard Law School (with a scholarship of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs). 

He has taught various law topics including anti-trust and IP at the University of Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), Paris X and currently teaches anti-trust law at the international post grad Business school named ESSEC and media law at Paris 2 Assas.  He pens from time to time published essays and legal chronicles in various periodicals.  

He released a book in French "To get over it with Mein Kampf, (How to overcome hate speech online?), Le Bord de l'Eau, 2016.

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