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Special Exhibition - "O Superman"



From 6:30 pm - Onwards



Iris, born as an eighties child of Hong Kong developed an early curiosity for Art. Pulled between her strong will to be independent and the traditions that fuelled the generations before her, she fought to soak up the art related studies in Hong Kong which she couldn’t find satisfaction. She therefore left Asia to live in New York, London, Milan and eventually Paris where she managed to find her ‘baggage intellectuel’ that helped her to explore the meaning of her artistic photography

Focusing on analogue techniques ranging from polaroid, film, historical development process and camera-less image, these are the tools she uses to express her freedom. In 2011, she settled in a Parisian studio to focus on her darkroom practice and most recently set up her atelier in Zurich where she is currently based. She completed her photographic training at Gobelins, l’école de l’image as well as George Eastman Museum. Her influences – Francesca Woodman, Claude Cahun, Hans Bellmer and Hiroshi Sugimoto



Whereas surrealism in painting offers to act as a symbolist expression of the movements of the soul, Iris Au attempts – with O Superman – to examine the agitations of her own spirit and feelings, in order to capture them into very singular circular-shaped snapshots.

Comprised of eleven black and white photograms of spontaneous and complex patterns, the series acts as an illustrative proclamer of sensitive and inexpressible inner manifestations, a photographic Tondo that mirrors the psyche. 

An eponym of the song by Laurie Anderson – a long repetitive and minimalist music piece that develops an intriguing robotic imaging – Iris Au’s O Superman assumes its experimental nature. A contrasted visual score, this contemplative series however inspires silence, the one that we imagine could fill the infinite cosmos. 

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