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Political & Corporate Governance: Lessons from the Indian Machiavelli




International Leading Expert on India
Co-founder of Euro-India Economic & Business Group


8:00 pm - Onwards




Jean-Joseph Boillot holds a Phd in economics and regularly taught at the Ecole Normale Supérieure. He spent 15 years in emerging countries, working as part of the International Executive team of the French Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs.

On top of conducting several reports on China and Africa, he is currently considered as one of the leading experts on India which he has been covering for more than 35 years. Jean-Joseph is the co-founder of Euro-India Economic & Business Group

He just published his new book: L'Inde ancienne au chevet de nos politiques: l’art de la gouvernance selon l’Arthashâstra de Kautilya.

Although the Arthashâstra was written over 20 centuries ago, it conveyed a concrete State doctrine, timely, benevolant and efficient. Kautilya, nicknamed the "Indian Machiavelli", proposed an enlighten conservatism and defended both the well-being of the people and the authority of the King.

Jean-Joseph Boillot extracted, translated and adapted excerpts from the treaty, establishing principles of governance. The issues he addressed are surprisingly timely: how to choose your ministers and how to test their morality? How to prevent public finance from laundering? What place should we give to Justice?

As the main democracies suffer from a profound governance crisis, their leaders as well as their programs are no longer able to prevent populism from rising. The treaty sheds a new light on the current global issues faced by humanity.

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