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 How to reconcile citizen's convictions with consumer decisions?

Alexandra Palt

Chief Sustainability Officer at L'Oréal


8:00 pm-Onwards


© Philippe Calandre
© Philippe Calandre

A lawyer by training, Alexandra specialized on human rights and started her career in a law firm followed by Amnesty International in Germany.

In 2003, she joined “IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité”, a business driven membership organization working on CSR. She works with business on diversity management, community involvement and urban regeneration.

She then joined HALDE (French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission) in 2006 as Director, Promotion of Equality.

In 2008, she founded and directed “Fabric of Society”, a strategic consultancy aimed at working with large companies in the setting up of their CSR policies, specialized on change management and sustainability.

Alexandra Palt joined L'Oréal in February 2012 as Chief Sustainability Officer.

In 2013 she launched Sharing Beauty With All, the L’Oréal sustainability commitment. Completely integrated in L’Oréal’s value chain, this program sets out the Group’s sustainability commitments for 2020 and is based on four pillars

  • Innovating sustainably, to reduce the environmental footprint of L’Oréal’s products
  • Producing sustainably, to reduce the environmental footprint of L’Oréal’s plants and distribution centers all over the world;
  • Living sustainably, to empower consumers to make sustainable consumption choices;
  • Developing sustainably, to share L’Oréal’s growth with its external and internal stakeholders (communities, suppliers, employees).

In 2014, L’Oréal released its Zero Deforestation policy of which Alexandra Palt has been the mainspring and whose ambition is well recognized, notably by NGO’s.

In 2015, Alexandra Palt finalised L’Oréal new commitment that has been announced by Jean-Paul Agon three months before the COP21. This ambition, called Carbon balanced, reinforces L’Oréal’s low-carbon strategy: the Group will work within its sustainable sourcing of raw materials projects in order to capture carbon quantity equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions related to its business.

The same year, Jean-Paul Agon decided that the Sustainable Development Department will report directly to him, indicating that Sharing Beauty With All is cross-functional and strategic for all L’Oréal functions, brands, divisions and countries.

In 2016, criteria related to the progress of the Group’s sustainability commitment are gradually factored into the bonus of all L’Oréal’s brands and country managers.

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