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Virtual Reality - Joint Discussion



Virtual Reality:
Content & Financial Challenges








7:30 pm - Onwards



Join us for a discussion about the new challenges faced by the Virtual Reality with 3 specialists:

Olivier Chalumeau has been a stage designer for the moving image for several years. After studying Cinema and the Arts, he started his career in the film industry before entering the Television sector. He is currently specialized in event planning, designing and directing several visual sets for key accounts, using projection technologies (Mapping, Multiflux, Live, ...). He is the co-founder of OPTIMA REALITY and currently dedicates his expertise to the 360° Video & the Virtual Reality. OPTIMA REALITY offers 360° Video broadcasting solutions without glasses, developing highly immersive experiences through an exclusive 6-axis technology.

Alexandre Lourié graduated from Sciences Po and HEC Paris but started his career abroad. He worked for an NGO in Manila, an investment company in Shanghaï and for the Maroccan office of Boston Consulting Group. He then founded his own consulting company dedicated to clients with a high social impact. After joining the cabinet of the Secrétaire d’Etat chargée de la Réforme de l’Etat et de la Simplification, focusing on public open-data and the simplification of the Social Solidarity Economy, Alexandre entered Scintillo as its Director. Scintillo is a holding of over 15 companies in the cultural sector worldwide. 

Adrien Moisson is the Founder & CEO of the Splendens Factory, a unique artist collective based in Paris that puts together talents from all backgrounds (musicians, directors, photographers, graphic designers) and innovation driven entrepreneurs. Prior to the founding the collective, Adrien Moisson was a multi disciplinary professional who, after completion of his studies at the ESCP, one of France’s top business schools, launched a music label and an artist collaborative, producing artistic and digital content including for a number of prestigious Parisian nightlife institutions such as Le Baron, le Nouveau Casino, and le Showcase.

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